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VATSIM Malta (unofficial)

Live activity

Online ATC
No ATC available at the moment.
Weather and Runway in use
LMML 280615Z 22006KT 170V250 9999 FEW012 21/17 Q1017 NOSIG
(Decode METAR)

IFR Runway in Use: 31
Head wind: 0 kts
Crosswind: 6 kts

VFR Runway in Use: 23
Head wind: 5.9 kts
Crosswind: 1 kts

Runways in use are based on current local time, wind from VATSIM METAR and tailwind/crosswind component set in AIP Malta AD 2 LMML section 6 (Use of Runways), and might not correspond to the runway in use real life due to weather reports might be delayed or winds are shifting.
No departures from Malta at this time.